We Provide Round Pipe, Square Tube, Rectangle Tube Laser Cutting, Angle Laser Cut, I Beam Laser Cutting, 3D Tube Laser Cutting Services, Tube And Pipe Laser Cutting For Hospital Bed And Accessories, Angle Laser Cutting Services, I Beam Laser Cutting Services, Angle Cutting Services, Tube And Pipe Laser Cutting For Furniture Industry, For Perforated Pipe, For Slotted Pipe, For Agriculture Vehicle, For Jcb Cabin, For Trucks, For Balcony And Railing, For Safety Door, For Modular Kitchenware, For Lighting Pole, For Motor Bike Chasis And Frame, For Construction & Scaffolding, For Exhaust Components and our set up is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.


  • 3D tube laser cutting technology replaces a number of traditional methods at one time.
  • Replace a band saw and a drill, allows milling or chamfer edges.
  • Reducing production time and lower manufacturing costs.
  • Extremely flexibility, precision and top quality cutting, as well as wide field of application.
  • Open profiles and flat steel can be processed, as well as profiles of various shapes, with diameter 18-220 mm and weight up to 28 kg / m.
  • Automatic nesting of elements reduces the waste and optimizes the manufacture time.
  • Automated parameter settings and tube feeding speed.

Variety Of Shape Laser Cutting